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Dennis Holmes, California, U.S.A.  for sharing with me the results of his  extensive research into the Black and Wallis family history. Dennis' wife is decsended from James Wallis and Sarah Cole, refer to entry [3] in "The family of James Wallis and Sarah Cole" below. Refer to the "Favourite links" page in the side index to visit his "Tener Family" site. 

Rose Payne, Reading, England, for her assistance and the sharing of information she had on the Black family. 

Noel Wade, Sheffield, England, for his generosity in supplying me with copies of his collection of original newspaper clippings of the mid 1930's relating to Tom Campbell Black 1899-1936 Pioneer Aviator.

Anthony Edward Norman Black, England, son of Arthur Norman Black, for contributing family photos and the results of his research into his family history.

Frank Derek Milner Morrison, England, son of Frank Leslie Morrison and Alice Dorothy nee Black, for contributing family photos and family history.

The Family of James Wallis and Sarah Cole of Nottingham, England.

James Wallis 1793-1867 married Sarah Cole in 1829. Their children: [1] Hephzibah, [2] John, [3] Eliza married John Frost their daughter Eliza Frost married Hampden Evans Tener Snr. in 1867 their daughter Winifred Berta Tener married Fredrick Alexander Campbell in 1896 their daughter Frances Alexander Campbell married Herbert Ludwell Earnest in 1920 their daughter Frances Elizabeth Earnest married Theodore F. Craver their daughter Cynthia Ann Craver married Dennis Holmes of California, USA.  [4] Caleb, [5] Sarah Ann 1828-abt.1906 married Robert Black 1821-1905, [6] Susan married George Tener, [7] Prisilla married Walter Ludbrook, [8] Thomas Steadman.



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