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The above photogragh of Robert Black 1821-1905 with his wife Sarah Ann Wallis 1828-abt.1906 and their family was taken at their Golden Wedding Anniversary on the 8th. April, 1902.

L-R Rear: Robert Wilson Black b. 1871, Hugh Milner Black b. 1865, Alice Jean Black nee McCullough b 1873, Eunice Marsden nee Black b. 1865, John Wycliffe Black b. 1862, Charles Batten b. unk., Middle Row: Arthur Norman Black b. 1894, Sydney Black b. 1860, Phyllis Coop Black b. 1896, Robert Black b. 1821, Edith Wallis Batten nee Black b. abt. 1870, Sarah Ann Black nee Wallis b. 1828, Alice Dorothy Black b.1894 d.1980, Arthur Black b. abt.1868. Front Row Sitting: Tom Campbell Black b. 1899, Charles Batten b. unk., Frank Milner Black b. 1896, Raymond Batten b. unk.


Robert Black was the youngest son of seven of Hugh Black of Scotland. Sarah was the daughter of James Wallis of Nottingham and Sarah cole.

The connection between the Black family and the McCullough's is as a result of the marriage of Hugh Milner Black 1865-1950 son of Robert and Sarah Ann Black, nee Wallis, to Alice Jean McCullough 1873-1952 daughter of Thomas McCullough 1846-1926 [my Great Uncle] and Alice Harriet nee Monk, in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, in 1893. In the above photo Alice Jean Black nee McCullough is at the rear standing third from the left,  with her husband Hugh Milner Black standing second from left, their daughter Alice Dorothy Black is standing in the middle row second from the right and their sons, Frank Milner is sitting front second from right and Tom Campbell is sitting front first on left.

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Robert and Sarah Ann Black nee Wallis

The following is an excerpt from the Biography of Sydney Black, son of Robert and Sarah Ann Black nee Wallis.

"The story of a good man's life is, in his early days at least, the story of his parents' lives, and of no one could this be more truly said that of the subject of this book, Sydney Black. To have known the parents is to account for the devotion, the self-sacrifice, and the enthusiasm for righteousness in the life of their son, for he was the visible embodiment of their aspirations for Christian service, and in him they saw many of their desires realised. It is, therefore, fitting that this chapter should be largely a record of the lives of Robert and Sarah Ann Black.

Robert Black, the father of Sydney Black, was born on 6th June, 1821, in the little village of Twynholm, Kirkcudbrightshire. He was the seventh of a family of eleven. His father, Mr. Hugh Black, was a hand-loom weaver in very humble circumstances, plying his trade in a room in the small cottage which was his home, scarcely able to do more than provide for the bodily needs of his growing family; and thus it came about that his son Robert had to go to work in the fields, and later, to become an apprentice to the village shoemaker. Times were hard then, and bread dear, and every penny that could be earned was needed, so that the lad's schooling was very soon over, though his education in the larger and wider ways of life ended only with his death.

It is not in the nature of things that a young man with Robert Black's energetic, pushing temperament could be content with the little out-of-the-way village, where the days passed so quietly and uneventfully and where the silence would be unbroken for long hours, except for the shrill cry of the plover or the rustle of the trees. Consequently, at twenty-one he came south to England, to push his fortune in company with his village companion and life-long friend, Mr. Milligan. The two young men became assistants to a Mr. Candlish, a draper of Windsor.

The energy of the young Scotsman would not be satisfied until he had reached London, and after only a short stay in Windsor, he found his way to Turnham Green and Hammersmith, where he commenced in business as a draper; and continued, chiefly at Knightsbridge, until 1875, when he retired, having amassed a reasonable competency. His success in business was due chiefly to his sterling honesty, shrewdness and untiring activity; his customers recognised that their interests were safe in his hands, and for more than twenty-five years he secured their entire confidence and was enabled to build up what was perhaps the most successful business of its kind in his day.

It was in the early years of his residence in London that Robert Black met Miss Sarah Ann Wallis, of Nottingham, to whom he was married on 8th April, 1852. Miss Wallis was born on 19th January, 1828, and was one of a family of thirteen children. Her father, Mr. James Wallis, was a member of the Churches of Christ, a small, and then little known, religious community, to which further reference will be made in a later chapter."

"It was during this period that the acquaintance between Robert Black and Sarah Ann Wallis, based upon similarity of religious views, deepened into a closer and more tender intimacy, and to a union which was unbroken for fifty-three happy years. After their marriage, they resided in Knightsbridge, London, where, for twenty-three years, Mr. Black carried on his ever-prospering business as a draper, and there Mrs. Black made a home for her husband and for the children born to them. The early years of their married life were years of much sorrow, for their first five children all died in childhood. Sydney, the eldest surviving child, was born on 25th July, 1860, and the five following children all lived, the family remaining unbroken for thirty years."

The five following surviving children of Robert and Sarah were:

Hugh Milner Black, born 1865, Knightsbridge, London, died 1950 England, he married Alice Jean McCullough in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, in 1893. Children: [1] Alice Dorothy born 1894 Kanas, U.S.A. married Frank Leslie Morrison in 1922 England, children: Frank Derek Milner and John Trevor. [2] Frank Milner born 1896 England. [3]*Tom Campbell Black born 1899 England died 1936 England, married Florence Desmond 1907-1993 in 1935 England.

Arthur Black, born 1868 

Edith W. Black, born 1870

Robert Wilson Black, born April 17 1871, died 1951, he married Ann Louise North, Children: **Cyril Wilson born April 8 1902 [Later to become Sir Cyril] he married Dorothy Joyce Birkett on March 6 1930. 

John Wycliffe Black, born 1862 London, England, died 1951 Leicester, England, he married Eunice Marsden August 26 1890, Wigan, England, daughter of James Marsden and Lois nee Coop. Children: [1] Arthur *Norman born November 17 1894, Leicester, England, married Phyllis Margaret Ranicar 15 November 1929, Wigan, England, children: Anthony Edward Norman and Jean Susan Margaret. [2] Phyllis Coop born 1896, England, married Archibald Carmichael 1895 - 1980 in 1921

All of Robert and Sarah's children were born in London, England.

Sarah Ann Wallis was the daughter of James Wallis 1793-1866 and Sarah Cole. 

*Tom Campbell Black and *Norman Black. For additional information on the lives of these pioneers of aviation and automobile racing use the side menu index.

** Cyril Wilson Black, later to be Sir Cyril, for additional information use the side menu index.

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