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Norman Black Racing Car Driver Photo Page

Above Photo: A young Norman Black. [Source: A.E.N. [Tony] Black]


Norman Black repairing a puncture on his "Norton" during a motor bike race in 1920

Norman Blacks Singer Racing Car had just crashed into the bank, No. 38, when one of his team mates hit the bank and rolled over his car, luckily Norman had evacuated the car moments before. RAC Tourist Trophy Race, Ards, Ireland, 7/9/1935.

The second amazing photo of one of the Singer Racing Cars crashing over Norman Blacks car in the Tourist Trophy Race of 1935. Luckily no one was killed in this accident. Both incidents were caused by the failure of a steering component.

Norman Black on his "Omega Motor Bike" circa 1924.

Above: Autographed photo of Norman Black [Driver] Passenger, mechanic, unknown. [Source: A.E.N. [Tony] Black]


The two photo's of the crash were taken at Bradshaw Brae on the Ards Circuit in Ireland on the 7th. September 1935, during the RAC Tourist Trophy Race. The driver of the car rolling over Norman's crashed car was S.C.H. Davis. The race was won by Freddy Dixon in a Riley at an average speed of 76.90 mph.   Source: A.E.N. [Tony] Black.

With reference to the photo of Norman on his Omega motor bike, it is recorded that he took part in the 1924 TT Races on the Isle of Man in the Ultra-Lightweight Class on an Omega, he is recorded as "Retired" in the race results.   Norman entered the Isles of Man TT Races in- 1920, Norton, 1921, Omega, 1921, Douglas, 1922, Norton, 1923, Cedos, 1923, Cedos, 1923, Triumph, 1924, Omega, 1924, AJS, !927, Triumph, 1928, Rex-Acme.  Source: A.E.N. [Tony] Black.